Do you Fancy taking on the NSKC Track? On 15th september 2024 operating at The North of Scotland Kart Track in Golspie  you can show your car by purchasing a Car & Driver Ticket or just come along as part of the Public, you can also purchase track time by clicking the yellow box above. Show cars only can purchase track time tickets.

Track sessions will be running all day from 9-5 so there is plenty of time for each Group to test you and your car’s ability. There will be 8 Groups,  8 cars per group on the track per hour doing 3/4 Runs of 3 laps. After your Group time slot is over this is your track time finished for the day, The next group will start their turn etc. 

Please be seated in your vehicle 10 mins prior to your time slot time ready with your helmet and listen for Your group to be called over the Tanoid. 

When purchasing your Track ticket please select a time slot you would like. 


9am- 10am  - Group 1 

10am- 11am - Group 2

11am - 12am - Group 3 

12pm - 1pm - Group 4

1pm - 2pm - Group 5

2pm - 3pm - Group 6

3pm - 4pm - Group 7

4pm - 5pm - Group 8

New to track driving? Get out on the circuit with other drivers and have a blast!

If laps around the track isn’t for you then there are viewing areas situated right around the track to soak up the action or...

Passenger Tickets: Why not go out on track in one of the cars? Passenger tickets will be available to purchase on the day for just £10.

We have a busy program to keep you and your family entertained throughout the day. - pets are welcome.

Please note all track sessions are for show cars only. We will exercise the right to refuse entry to any other vehicles. You will also need a valid entry ticket for the show and to bring the Signed Track Declaration form which you will receive in the post once you purchase the ticket, the form can be viewed below.

No refunds will be given if you do not provide the correct documentation.

The minimum age for passengers wanting to go on track is 14 - form signed by


Cars only on track! NO bikes ALLOWED!!

Please note you can ONLY use the track if your car is on show or in a club stand.