Terms and Conditions

Refund policy 

If an event is cancelled, rescheduled or materially altered, we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you once we have received the relevant information and authorisation from our Event Partner (if you book online, we will use your account details). However, we cannot guarantee that you will be informed of such cancellation, rescheduling or alteration before the date of the event. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether an event has been cancelled, rescheduled or altered and the date and time of any rescheduled event.

Cancellation: If an event for which you have purchased Tickets or Packages is cancelled in full (and not rescheduled), your order will be cancelled, and you will be refunded the Sale Price of your Tickets or Packages (Service Charges and Order Processing Fees are non-refundable). If you have purchased Tickets or Packages for an event takes place over several days and one or more days (but not all days) are cancelled, you may only be offered a proportionate partial refund.

Rescheduling: If an event for which you have purchased Tickets or Packages is rescheduled, Tickets and Packages will usually be valid for the new date (or you will be offered Tickets or Packages of a value corresponding with your original Tickets or Packages for the rescheduled event, subject to availability). Unfortunately we offer a no refund policy unless the event is cancelled/ or has to be rescheduled. 

Personal arrangements and expenditure, including travel, accommodation, hospitality and other costs and expenses incurred by you relating to an event which have been arranged by you are at your own risk, and neither we nor the relevant Event Partners shall be responsible or liable to you for any wasted or unrecoverable costs or expenditure in relation to such personal arrangements, even if caused as a result of the cancellation, rescheduling or alteration of an event for which you have purchased tickets under this Purchase Policy.

This event is held upon a rural kart track with the event primarily on grass. The event organisers will take no responsibility or liability for any damage caused to any vehical entering, during or leaving the show ground. By purchasing a ticket to the event you are acknowledging that you will be liable for any vehicular damage entering, during, and leaving the event.

This is a primarily static event and would appreciate if vehicle attendants would treat it as such. If any of your cars would like track time, this can be arranged on the day. A marshal's escort will be required to assist any vehicles transitioning between the track and the show area for public safety.

Please ensure you treat the site with respect and do not litter, (accidentally or deliberately) damage the site, its structures or other vehicles and pedestrians. Any antisocial actions, use of drugs or alchohol while in charge of a vehicle (whether static or in motion) or on foot in the site as a whole and any other behaviours deemed offensive by the organisers, site owners, vendors, other clubs or public patrons may result in the offending person, vehicle or club being removed from the event. Police will be informed of any criminal behaviour if necessary. Removal from the site is at the hosts discretion and will be non-refundable. Any costs incurred (either from removal costs or damages) will be recovered from the attendant.